Our passion is more than just CPQ

We built our business on a vision of helping companies change their Enquiry-to-Order processes from a Push to a Pull culture - no matter how complex their condition. In other words, we do everything we can to encourage and inspire people to want to buy from you. To help achieve this, we developed a great cloud based Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software tool called BlueprintCPQ - which is supported by a team of experienced technicians and consultants.

Making a very real and positive difference to the lives of our existing customers, future customers and employees - by challenging the status quo and thinking differently to our competitors, is our passion. We believe the whole Enquiry-to-Order process should deploy a Pull not Push culture, whilst simultaneously bridging the efficiency gaps between Marketing, Sales and Operations.

Consequently we are trusted by some of the world's most forward looking companies to transform their businesses. If you too are seeking to develop a culture within which your customers are motivated to buy from you, rather than being sold to, we would love to hear about your vision. We might just be a perfect fit.

Kevin Geraghty - Co-Founder
John Munday - Co-Founder

A bit about the company

BlueprintCPQ is the trading name of Blue Zebra Associates Ltd, a privately held UK corporation that provides enterprise-class Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software worldwide.

As a self-funded business we are not driven by investor objectives to sell the Company. Instead, our customers are our investors and therefore we focus all our efforts on helping customers achieve their Enquiry-to-Order objectives.

Established in 1999, our consultancy skills and software products are used by businesses globally to deliver a rapid return on their Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) investments.

We identified the gap between CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems early on, and developed BlueprintCPQ to remove friction that exists in the Enquiry-to-Order process.

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Festival House, Jessop Avenue,
Cheltenham, GL50 3SH
United Kingdom

+44 1242 233 700

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Blue Zebra Associates Ltd is a company registered in England & Wales with Company Number 3854989
Registered Address: Festival House, Jessop Avenue, Cheltenham, GL50 3SH - VAT Reg No. 741 9776 95
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