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"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."
Steve Jobs

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Designed to reduce the time required to create quotations and orders, our product configurator will eliminate compatibility errors, and automatically calculate prices that are accurate and consistent. By removing quotation errors, businesses streamline selling and achieve significant cost reduction. 

Best of breed Product Configurators at the heart of modern Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions are driving greater demand from Sales Teams, Channel Partners and ultimately End-Users to generate significant productivity gains.  

Self service business models are fast becoming essential. And now they are both practical and cost effectivefor even the most complex product or service. 
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Blueprint CPQ
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Anyone can now quote...

"BlueprintCPQ understood our complexity straight away and were enthusiastic in helping us quickly deliver a solution that was exactly right for our business. Anyone can now easily produce a quote, including our channel partners and end user customers."

Brian Onions - Managing Director

Simplify Your Sales Process to Maximise Conversion

Our Product Configurator will guide your users with ease through the buying experience. It will increase the quality and accuracy of each order, especially for highly complex products or services. Calculate pricing in seconds and present your proposal immediately to greatly to enhance the chance of an order. 

First-class Product Configurators are at the heart of modern Configure Price Quote (CPQ). Solutions are driving greater demand from Sales Teams, Channel Partners and ultimately End-Users to generate significant productivity gains.  

Self service business models are fast becoming an essential. They are both practical and cost effective for even the most complex product or service.
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Proven expertise and knowledge

We have been 'doing' Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) for many years - in fact since before CPQ was the name. We have grown up designing and building powerful product configurator solutions for our customers. 

Over the last 20 years we have almost certainly experienced circumstances that are similar to those you now face. And we are therefore very likely to be able to show you how to bring about change, improve efficiency in your sales operations and your buyer journey.  

Our team of technical experts love challenges. We welcome the difficult questions - in fact we search them out. Our experience will allow us to quickly grasp the nuances of your business, and deliver real solutions.

When dealing with us you will always speak with an experienced CPQ technician - who wants to help you. You will not speak to a salesperson - who wants to sell to you. Instead, we prefer that you choose to buy from us.
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2hrs down to 2 minutes...

"The average time for completing quotations has reduced from half a day to twenty minutes, and quotation amendments from two hours to just a couple of minutes. Our capacity to grow sales has increased by a factor of twelve without adding to overheads."
Bert Thijssen - Sales and Marketing Director

Put us to the test...

We love complex rules and calculations. Of course we do the easy stuff too. But we excel at understanding and automating complex processes.
No rule or calculation is too challenging.
We understand that each business has unique features. And often one solution must address a range of different business scenarios. 
No situation or requirement is too difficult. 
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We know the importance of speed in use. Especially when quotes have 
large scale, or there is a requirement to collaborate with others online.
No limits need apply to growth plans or imagination.
We're unique and complex...

"We are a unique and very complex international group. Our business units differ greatly in their need. Often each quote is different and some span hundreds of sites. BlueprintCPQ was the only solution that could demonstrate the flexibility and confidence we needed."
Stephen Cargill - Chief Information Officer
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