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As businesses and organizations increasingly look at their Lead to Order process for efficiency gains, we have found that many companies still need to integrate quoting into their CRM and eCommerce systems.

Often quotes are produced in spreadsheets and copied into word documents for further manipulation before emailing to the customer. The standard quoting functions within CRM and eCommerce systems lack the features to replace these spreadsheets.

We built our Blueprint CPQ software so the rules and calculations held in these spreadsheets and in peoples heads are easily captured for use within CRM and eCommerce systems. And when new options, rules or calculations are introduced they can be easily added and made instantly available to salespeople on any device, anywhere in the world. This is how our Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software was born.


Sales Team Benefits
Quote quickly and easily

Faster quoting ensures that more quotes are produced by your sales team. Employing a rules-based structure means that more people can create accurate quotes – no matter how complex. Reliance on key personnel is removed, and any quote revisions required are delivered to clients fast.

Automatically produce great looking quotes every time

Proposals have a consistent professional appearance. No ‘copy and paste’ activity means that transcription errors are never introduced. Providing tailored system drawings can ensure there is no ambiguity; and tailored technical information/terms and conditions ensures no disputes.
Achieve zero errors and no omissions

Only saleable products and agreed feature combinations are quoted. No more incorrect or out of date prices are used. No more currency or price book errors are made. And with a guided selling approach, your sales teams are directed to maximise sales order value. Access any time, in any place, on any device

Your sales team is operational at all times of the working day.

Travelling time need no longer be dead time. When quotes are prepared during a sales call, more deals are closed; and by converting a quote to an order without delay, initial client relationships are positively established.
Collaborate with channel partners and communities

Enable your channel partners to accurately produce quotations. Communicate your promotions and deals accurately. Empower their sales teams, and make them part of your sales team. Ensure that the orders which they place for configured products are accurate and visible within your forecasts.

Secure fast and painless adoption

Our intuitive tool will speed adoption by your sales team. Our workshop training method means that learning is directly relevant to your business. Accurate output of configured product builds sales team confidence quickly, and faster adoption means your business will derive benefit at pace.
Administrator benefits
Be self-sufficient – fast

No calculation and no rule are too complex to be accommodated. Tailor the software easily to your business – not your business to the software. You write the business rules, the software provides the outcome. Quickly be independent of external expertise and resource.

Adapt easily for the future

When business rules change, have confidence that your quoting system can adapt. When new price lists or discount structures, new products or ranges are introduced – quickly adapt to them. Even if the whole basis of your costing and pricing alters, be assured that you can cope.
Integrate with your existing systems

Integrate your quoting system with your website to get the benefit of collaboration. Enjoy the benefits of a quotation system that is fully integrated with eCommerce and CRM. Pass orders directly into ERP when quotes turn to orders – for error-free processing of configured products.

Plan for the unexpected 

Know that your quoting system is scalable, and flexible. Know therefore that it is future proofed to cope with virtually any new situation that may arise – be it new products that are very different to today’s or the acquisition of a whole new business. Know that you have the future covered.


BlueprintCPQ is CRM agnostic. Our ‘API first’ architecture enables integration with all leading CRM, ERP and eCommerce systems, or it can run as a complete system on its own.

BlueprintCPQ's is also available as an App within Salesforce.com. Designed and built specifically for use within Salesforce.com, it utilizes core and custom Salesforce.com objects yet still delivers the blistering speed and capability that we are known for.

The list below summarizes the key functions:


World Class Configurator 

Rules & Calculation Engine

Built in Document Generation

Parts and Price Books Management



Mobile (responsive design)

Approval Handling

Partner Portal Access

Admin Tool

Quick Start Templates

API & XML Integration

Classic & Lightning Version

CRM & eCommerce Integration

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