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Complexity Made Easy


The Challenge for English Heritage Buildings:

Reduce the quotation time for an oak framed building from 2 weeks to 24 hours
Quoting most items in BlueprintCPQ is completely automatic. For the users all they have to do is choose from a list of drop-down options, and BlueprintCPQ calculates everything for them. It’s instantaneous.
John Baxter, Operations Manager

Why English Heritage Buildings chose BlueprintCPQ

Automated calculations

Planning the construction of oak framed structures requires thousands of calculations. For English Heritage Buildings this is an everyday challenge, and the primary reason for choosing BlueprintCPQ. The powerful configurator in BlueprintCPQ automates all calculations behind the scenes, without compromise, including hundreds of bespoke elements that were previously thought impossible to handle with CPQ software.

Rules for interdependencies

Due to the needs of English Heritage clients and the nature of timber framed buildings numerous changes are requested to the specification of structures. The implication of a change can mean hundreds of new calculations or design changes caused by the interdependencies of structural elements. Blueprint recalculates changes immediately and updates dependent elements automatically.
Intuitive interface

Despite the immense reduction in time required to create a new quotation, the team at English Heritage Buildings still has to input a significant amount of data and variables. Many hours every day are spent using the CPQ system. Blueprint has an intuitive interface; it is easy for the team to capture information quickly and complete amendments with minimal additional clicks.

Data accessibility

For English Heritage Buildings, the accessibility of data
throughout the Blueprint CPQ system has been invaluable. They can extract any data at any time - sort it, filter it and manipulate for analysis. The ability to import into any of their other systems was of particular importance, enhancing their reporting capability and allowing deeper insight into their operation.

Benefits for English Heritage Buildings

Next day quotes

The benefits of producing next day quotes, when previously they had taken weeks, was not only well received by the hard working estimators at English Heritage Buildings but also by their customers. Next day quoting is a competitive advantage for English Heritage Buildings that consistently impresses new customers.

Accuracy and integrity

English Heritage Buildings has an exceptional product which it combines with top quality service. The CPQ engine has enhanced their offering by added another layer of integrity to quotations. Prior to using BlueprintCPQ, smaller or bespoke elements would need to be estimated as the calculations required would take too long. Now even the smallest details and bespoke items can be accurately calculated. This transparency
is both fair for the client and the Company.

Better customer experience

It’s easy to miss how the rules and interdependencies have changed the experience for customers of English Heritage Buildings. Without the BlueprintCPQ system, if customers wanted to change their quote, they would have to wait weeksand their enthusiasm could wane. Now all of the questions and potential changes a customer makes are worked out immediately
Automated expertise

The engineering expertise required for the specification of an oak framed building can take an entire career to master. With BlueprintCPQ, the essence of this accumulated knowledge of materials, machining time, site preparation and craftsmanship has been captured in the system. It is now applied automatically and on demand.

Empowered sales people

The true value of deploying the BlueprintCPQ system for English Heritage Buildings is an empowered sales team. They are now able to help customers with their decision to purchase, without outside assistance or delays, in a way that previously would not have been
It’s now better for our customers. It was taking weeks to get a quote and then weeks to get a revision on a quote. Now it’s next day.
John Baxter, Operations Manager
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