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Complexity Made Easy

Eurotherm needed to produce accurate quotations quickly from within their CRM system, automatically generate complex part numbers based upon specific product configurations, and then seamlessly transfer those configurations to their ERP system, when converting to an order.
Blueprint integrates seamlessly with our business applications. It makes all our systems very easy to administer by providing one intuitive interface
Kim Piears, Product Engineering

Why Eurotherm chose BlueprintCPQ

Product configurator

The BlueprintCPQ product configurator enables the Eurotherm team to capture the knowledge and experience, and the pricing rules for a vast range of products and selling options. The system has empowered the entire organisation with a quick and easy way to access information that would previously have required a “technical expert” or time consuming research.

Automatic data generation

A key factor in the choice of BlueprintCPQ was the system’s ability to automatically generate part numbers for each quotation, based upon the configuration of a product. Generating accurate data has delivered significant improvements to the efficiency of the process, and has paved the way for a seamless transfer to ERP when quotes are converted to orders.
Seamless integration

A major consideration for Eurotherm in selecting BlueprintCPQ as its CPQ solution was the requirement to interface seamlessly with existing Company business software. Specifically there was a requirement to integrate with eCommerce, CRM and ERP applications. BlueprintCPQ’s flexibility has enabled direct data transfer between platforms, to provide a joined-up process.

Trusted partner

The versatility of the BlueprintCPQ solution is only half of the story. Eurotherm required rapid implementation of complex business rules from within BlueprintCPQ, to be able to deploy the new quotation engine with minimal disruption. In partnering with the BlueprintCPQ team, Eurotherm benefited from the experience of experts who were able to provide practical and timely advice at every step of the way

Benefits for Eurotherm

Quick and accurate quotations

By deploying and integrating the SalesLogix CRM and BlueprintCPQ product configuration systems, Eurotherm has been able to reduce the time taken to prepare accurate quotations by more than 50%. They have virtually eliminated all errors on entry of configured products to the ERP system

Embedding expert knowledge

The product configurator unlocked the valuable information held within the experience of the quoting staff and embedded that knowledge into the BlueprintCPQ system, making it accessible to all users in a format they recognise and understand.

Professional documents

BlueprintCPQ automatically generates professional, detailed and accurate documentation in a variety of formats. The document generation feature of BlueprintCPQ has enhanced the overall perception of Eurotherm in the eyes of its customers, and increased the speed of the whole quotation process.
Solution for channel partners

The combination of a secure eCommerce platform, complimented by seamless integration with the BlueprintCPQ web based quotation engine has enabled the progressive roll-out of region and language specific sites with minimal implications for product configurator administration

Automated quoting engine

Automation of the quotation process, with associated speed and accuracy improvements, has allowed personnel to be reassigned to customer relationship and business development tasks. Maintaining the configurator at a single location has replaced individual updating at 12 regional offices.
BlueprintCPQ has enabled us to reduce the time taken to prepare accurate quotations by more than 50%, and virtually eliminate errors on entry of configured products to our ERP system...

Paul Tilbury, Senior Project Manager, Eurotherm
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