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Video Clips for Extra Vega

Below are three short video clips that we hope will demonstrate our application and how this might be used within your organisation. Next to each video is a summary that explains what the video covers and why we have chosen this for you.  Please enjoy the video's and if you have any questions please let us know.

BlueprintCPQ - Overview
Our application used as a stand-alone, independent system. 

  • This clip shows the creation of a quote for the building of a website, through the generation of a Bill of Materials and the creation of a customized proposal and its emailing out.  
  • This example was chosen as it shows the basics of building a quote from standard components/parts, the ability to add some items that have not been sold before, and the ability to view and edit the pricing for each element.
  • It then shows how this basic example can be cloned, and in this case, further automated with a few questions.  You will see that the line items and descriptions are automatically built now.
  • Our standalone system has basic CRM functionality so could be used until you decide upon Salesforce or Teamleader.

BlueprintCPQ for Salesforce.com
Our dedicated application for use within Salesforce. com

  • Adds our powerful and flexible CPQ capability to Salesforce.com
  • Use standard Salesforce objects and functionality (Opportinity, Quote, Parts, Price books, Approvals and Reporting).
  • Use our CPQ tool for the difficult rules, calculations and customization of quotes. Then return to familiar Salesforce screens to create documents, manage approvals, clone quotes and more.
  • We have chosen this telecommunications example as it shows how a quote can be built where there can be one or more locations.

BlueprintCPQ - New interface
Our app used in a 'Project Centric' environment

  • Our new and alternative interface is ideal where less information on the screen is desirable and users are to be guided through a series of steps to build a solution.
  • This example shows how a unique Project can be built up from a series of Phases and Tasks.  And how their order can be changed by moving them up / down.
  • In place of Phases and Tasks; for Extra Vega, these might read Item and Process. Each Item and Process can have a unique name and the next steps can be guided so it is easier for the user.
  • This example also shows how Tasks can be scheduled and allocated to a resource which we though might be appropriate for Extra Vega.  It could potentially link to Mavenlink or SmartSheet.

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