Reducing The Buying Cycle


Hepworth’s Challenge

Hepworth needed to produce a high volume of quotations quickly in order to move into new sectors within the marine and rail industries. They require automatically generated CAD drawings for products with a large number of permutations.
BlueprintCPQ comprehensively met all of our business requirements. What impressed us most was where BlueprintCPQ complimented the functionality of SAP Business One to provide a single platform for our core business processes
Bert Thijssen, Sales & Marketing Director

Why Hepworth chose BlueprintCPQ

Calculation Engine

BlueprintCPQ has enabled Hepworth to capture all of its
product options and pricing rules within a powerful calculation engine. With the new engine in place, the team can produce fast quotations, and quickly make amendments. BlueprintCPQ processes all the many permutations and options which are available, all of which previously required manual calculation.

Drawing Capability

Hepworth operates within industries that need precise details to be provided. Clients require accurate CAD plans and amendments, as they progress through stages of the design process - from prototype to final construction schematics. The drawing capability of BlueprintCPQ transformed the quotation process by automating the creation of professional CAD plans, based on precise product configurations.
Powerful Rules

BlueprintCPQ defines global product rules and applies them in multiple ways, based on the individual requirements of Hepworth customers. Quote errors are eliminated by checking rules, and by preventing the selection of incompatible options. With BlueprintCPQ, the sales team can easily produce quotations, without deep technical understanding of the product range and options.

Trusted Partner

For Hepworth the choice of BlueprintCPQ was based on more than just a functional requirement. Their situation demanded CPQ professionals who understood the Company’s business rules. The BlueprintCPQ experts were able to guide Hepworth through the construction of a bulletproof rules engine, and support their growth in the high-pressure rail and marine industries.

Benefits for Hepworth

Fast quotation system

The speed at which each quotation can be produced has
directly impacted the capacity for Hepworth to grow. The intuitive interface and intelligent defaults instantly adopted by users of the system, quickly improved efficiency. BlueprintCPQ reduced the average time for producing a quotation from half a day to twenty minutes.

Platform for growth

BlueprintCPQ is easy to use for non-technical people. For
Hepworth, with the new system in place, many of the tasks previously requiring a design engineer, draftsman or more experienced team member could now be completed quickly and accurately by internal sales staff. This removed the bottleneck that was restricting sales.
Empowering Distributors

With a worldwide network of over 20 agents and exporting to
over 50 countries, Hepworth has a powerful global presence. By implementing BlueprintCPQ, they upgraded the capability of their distributors - providing them with the ability to produce quick, accurate quotes with professional documentation and CAD plans.

Ease of administration 

Hepworth supplies their products globally within industries that demand continual improvements in performance and engineering. This results in regular changes to product configurations and options. BlueprintCPQ gave the team an ongoing ability to change
rules within the CPQ engine, and seamlessly integrated with the existing SAP ERP system.
The average time for completing quotations has reduced from half a day to twenty minutes, and quotation amendments from two hours to just a couple of minutes. The company’s capacity to grow sales has increased by a factor of twelve without adding to overheads.
Bert Thijssen, Sales & Marketing Director
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