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PAR Technology Corporation is a leading provider of systems and service solutions to the hospitality industry - with more than 70,000 restaurants in over 110 countries using its point of sale hardware and software. ParTech (PAR) provides technology solutions that optimise the customer experience for independent restaurants through to well-known international chains.
We were impressed how quickly BlueprintCPQ understood our business requirements and has gone on to become such a valued member of the team. The company works closely with our in-house staff to proactively drive efficiencies across the business. It really helps us deliver the highest level of customer service.
Mary Olbrich, Sales Operations Reporting Analyst.

Project Objectives

PAR wanted to replace its existing standalone quoting solution with a more sophisticated Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution, and achieve full integration with its Salesforce.com CRM and legacy back office systems. The company also needed a system that would handle quotations of scale - comprising a combination of hardware, software and services.

Key Requirements

Faster more accurate quoting

PAR needed to speed up its quoting process and increase accuracy by automating workflow processes. This would provide salespeople with resources to generate proposals for solutions comprising hardware, software and services - each with their own customised rules.

Browser-based access

It was important that a new configurator be browser-based enabling salespeople to access and use it from any internet-enabled location. This would increase both sales effectiveness and productivity. PAR also needed to ensure that the new configurator loaded without delay and was quick and responsive in use.

System integration

PAR had to ensure that any new product configurator would seamlessly integrate with its existing CRM and ERP systems. This would extend their functionality and enhance the flow of information across the business.
Easy installation

To reduce business disruption, PAR needed a new CPQ solution that could be installed by its in-house IT team without requiring external consultancy support or onsite presence of the supplier.

Managed service

PAR was looking for additional security from a supplier that provided a cost effective expert resource to be called on when its own internal resources became stretched, or were working on other aspects of the business. It was also looking for an organisation that could help guide and deliver its CPQ strategy.

Evaluation and Deployment

Proof of Concept

After conducting a thorough market evaluation, PAR worked with BlueprintCPQ during an initial 6 week pilot to ensure that the system provided the flexibility and functionality to handle quotations with hundreds of line items. This exercise was successfully completed and demonstrated that the system would easily handle the configuration rules and scale which are required for solutions comprising a combination of hardware, software and services.

Remote Deployment

The BlueprintCPQ implementation team participated in web-based workshops to scope the system and provide PAR’s in-house team with the skills required to deploy the system in under 8 weeks without requiring additional specialist on-site support.
System Configuration

BlueprintCPQ consultants worked closely in partnership with PAR’s project management team to ensure they could configure all current products and services, including the rules-based application of multiple discount tiers.


Consistent and Error-free Quotations

BlueprintCPQ ensures that all quotations and supporting documentation are accurate, and of a consistently high standard. It also provides the flexibility to set up customized configurators as new customers are on-boarded - to speed up the production of proposals, and deliver the highest level of service across all customers.

Streamlined Workflow Processes

BlueprintCPQ streamlines the generation of quotes and any subsequent approvals, enabling quotations to be produced rapidly from within Salesforce.com. It automatically generates fully validated Bills of Materials for use by PAR’s legacy ERP system without requiring re-keying or other human intervention.
Browser-based access

BlueprintCPQ is browser-based, allowing salespeople to access and use the system from any internet-enabled location to increase both sales effectiveness and productivity. The configuration tool is quick and responsive in use, even with the largest quotes.

Sales Management

Integrating BlueprintCPQ with Salesforce.com provides quick and accurate reporting on the status of key accounts to enhance sales productivity and forecasting. It provides PAR with a single view of all activities relating to individual customers, and generates sales pipelines to improve forecasting
BlueprintCPQ is extremely flexible. We are now looking at smarter ways to use the system across other areas of our growing business to deliver further benefits. It is a core component of our vision to expand the sales channel strategy with eCommerce websites and self-service portals that enable key customers to place orders faster.
Mary Olbrich, Sales Operations Reporting Analyst.

As well as seamlessly integrating with the existing CRM and ERP systems, Blueprint CPQ provides a platform for growth through integration with other commonly used CRM and ERP systems should PAR decide to change in the future. It also allows additional capabilities, such as website integration and customer portals to be easily added as business requirements continue to evolve. This ensures that the complex rules can be utilised throughout the business and achieve an enhanced ROI over the longer term.

Fully Managed Service

Outsourcing the ongoing support of BlueprintCPQ system ensures that ongoing changes to product lines, pricing and system maintenance are always completed on a timely basis. The BlueprintCPQ team proactively suggests functionality improvements to further speed up the production of quotations, improve usability and extend the range of available options.
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