Price Plans

BlueprintCPQ is available on a Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing model.  Prices are calculated upon the license type(s) and the number of users or monthly usage.  
A budget should also be allowed for a one-time fee to cover the initial implementation which will take you the level of self sufficiency you require for launch.   Therefore, if you are able to tell us which plan (or plans) best suit your need and share with us a little information on your requirement we will produce a free, no obligation personalized budget plan for your consideration. 
Channel Partner User

For use by channel partners or regular customers independently of your CRM system.

Named user licensing

No additional Partner CRM licenses required.

API to link with your CRM system.

Built in document generator.

Sales User

For use within your existing CRM system or independently as a standalone system.

Named user licensing

Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration module.

API to link with your CRM and ERP systems.

Built in document generator.

eCommerce User

For use on your website to capture enquiries or enable purchases via your eCommerce system.

Volume based licensing

Unlimited and unrestricted access for quotes and orders.

API link for your eCommerce systems.

Enhanced styling and coding options.

Sales / Channel Partner

World Class Configurator 

Rules & Calculation Engine

Built in Document Generation

Parts and Price Books Management



Mobile (responsive design)

Approval Workflow

Partner Portal Access

Administration Tool

Quick Start Templates

API & XML Integration

Classic & Lightning Version

Enhanced Styling and Coding Capability

Salesforce.com CPQ
Microsoft Dynamics CPQ

Sales and Channel Partners 

These users will primarily use the system to prepare and manage quotes.  CRM functionality is required to enable timely and effective follow-up to help customers buy.  Fast accurate forecasting and reporting is vital.  BlueprintCPQ is therefore available with
  1. Inbuilt common CRM functionality for situations where the system is to be used by 'non-CRM' users within an organisation, where users beyond the company do not have access to its internal CRM system or where there is not yet any CRM system within the organisation.
  2. Deep and seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce.com.
  3. API's to enable integration with most modern CRM systems.
Channel partners are able to quote safely and securely alongside your own for greater and earlier visibility of the entire opportunity pipeline.

As quotes convert to orders BlueprintCPQ can automate their creation within Sales Order Processing or ERP systems to speed the process and also reduce the chance for error.

BlueprintCPQ is CRM agnostic, which means it can be used within an existing CRM system or outside of it on its own. And should your CRM needs change or it is introduced in the future, your CPQ tool can come with you.

Website and eCommerce

Increasingly organisations are deploying aspects of CPQ to their websites - either to help capture enquiries and / or fulfill online ordering and re-ordering via an eCommerce system.

BlueprintCPQ is easily added to your website to help and guide your buyers through their purchasing process.  Engaging content can help gather greater intelligence early in the buying process, enabling timely, tailored and relevant content to be made available to a prospect greatly increasing their chance of buying from you.

And when they are ready to buy, fast accurate confurations can be built, displayed and priced to ensure a straightforward and enjoyable buying experience.

To achieve this we provide simple yet robust tools to embed your enquiries and orders into your existing systems, be they CRM, ERP or eCommerce.

How much should I budget?

Budget requirements will vary depending upon your requirement, the license type, the number of users, your resource availability and the degree of self-sufficiency you would like. If you are able to share a little of this with us we can provide a no obligation budget assessment for your consideration.
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