Product Configurator

Go Configure...
Eliminate sales problems, fast.

Complexity increases the chance for error. Scale magnifies risk to a business and introduces caution which can stifle the sales process.
BlueprintCPQ is our cloud based solution for eliminating errors and easing constraints throughout the entire enquiry to order process for enhanced sales.  
At its heart a very powerful and highly flexible Product Configurator.  

Product Configuration Drives Change

Designed to reduce the time required to create quotations and orders, our product configurator will eliminate compatibility errors, and automatically calculate prices that are accurate and consistent.  By removing quotation errors, businesses streamline selling and achieve significant cost reduction. 
Best of breed Product Configurators at the heart of modern Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions are driving greater demand from Sales Teams, Channel Partners and ultimately End-Users to generate significant productivity gains.  
Self service business models are fast becoming essential. And now they are both practical and cost effectivefor even the most complex product or service. 

Make your organisation easier to buy from

BlueprintCPQ enables front office staff, channel partners and end users to configure quotations and orders exactly to meet requirements without interference.  We put the control into the hands of users, guiding them to easily configure error free solutions.
Expand consistency across your whole sales process, empower your customers to want to buy from you. Win more sales.    

Make complexity easy
Shorten sales cycles, increase conversion rates

Our Product Configurator will guide your users with ease through the buying experience. It will increase the quality and accuracy of each order, especially for highly complex products or services.  Calculate pricing in seconds and present your proposal immediately to greatly to enhance the chance of an order. 
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