Product Configurator

No situation too complex

 BlueprintCPQ is designed to deliver a simplistic yet techincal cloud based application that enables easy modern order management practices. Reduces the time required to create quotations, eliminates compatibility errors and prices that are automatically calculated,are accurate and consistent. The learning curve for users, even for complex products and services, is shortened by removing quotation errors from their system and they achieve a fast payback on their CPQ investments. The end result is achieving the most significant areas for cost reduction - and one that is seen as extremely positive by customers and employees alike.


Product Configuration

Product configuration has been around for a while, But only recently has their extensive use in a selling environment developed. Productivity gains have been secured through enhanced process automation. Self service business models are also made a practical proposition for a greater range of companies. Your overall business image can be better directed and controlled in a manner required by the business as a whole. A well implemented CPQ solutions can empower and motivate the sales organisation as a whole

Customer Journey

BlueprintCPQ enables front office staff and channel partners to configure quotations exactly to meet customer requirements without interference. A broader team of individuals can answer questions that are put forward by prospect and clients during valuable business opportunities. We put the control back in your hands as users can only select options that have been authorised by you. Expand consistency across your whole sales process, whilst engaging with customers that may have initially been unfamiliar.    

The Solution

Our Product Configurator allows you to significantly reduce the requirements long and laborious quoting systems.You secure the benefits of reducing stock holdings and enforcing high levels of confidence that comes with our easy to use application. Gain greater control over the way customers interact with your eCommerce website as well as how you collaborate with installers. 


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