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SECTRA’s Challenge

SECTRA needed configuration logic to support their sales team in providing quotations for a growing catalogue of products. The sales team use Salesforce as their customer relationship management tool and required software that would integrate seamlessly.
For me, the most important feature is just how well it’s integrated with Salesforce. We use Salesforce as our customer relationship tool. Navigate into any account and you can see all the quotations linked to the opportunities.
Brian Maynard, Operations Manager

Why SECTRA chose BlueprintCPQ

Configuration logic

The medical IT industry drives innovation. Products have
a baffling number of options. For SECTRA, the sales team
needed to be able to compare products and advise their clients on the corresponding options for each one. BlueprintCPQ’s configuration logic provides the right options for the product, immediately and without error, for easy comparison.

Salesforce integration

SECTRA uses Salesforce as their customer relationship
management tool. The deep integration between Salesforce and BlueprintCPQ has been invaluable for SECTRA. Their sales team can use one interface to find all of the quotations linked to an opportunity. With BlueprintCPQ, they can instantly see historical data and respond to customers without having to search for a summary.
Account specific pricing

Using BlueprintCPQ SECTRA has successfully implemented
account specific pricing. The system draws a negotiated
account base rate for a customer from Salesforce. Fees are now handled in a consistent and profitable way because SECTRA can load and change individual rates within each customer account.

Support and training

Initially, SECTRA had to rely on BlueprintCPQ for changes and maintenance to the CPQ engine. The support team performed well, supplying expertise in line with changing needs. Now, with training from BlueprintCPQ experts, SECTRA employees are learning how to makes changes to the system further improving their in-house capability.

Benefits for SECTRA

Speed and accessibility

Everything the sales team needs to do their job is now in one place, and accessible via the internet anywhere at any time. The combination of Blueprint CPQ integrated with Salesforce is very powerful. Quoting is now fast, accurate and efficient.

The best of both worlds

The long term plan for SECTRA is to become self sufficient in the administration of BlueprintCPQ. They will benefit from the best of both worlds: complete internal capability for immediate reaction to their needs with all of the benefits of architecture maintained and improved as part of an external system.

Internal control

Before BlueprintCPQ SECTRA relied on each sales person to discount products based on their judgement of the client and situation. Utilising approval control, SECTRA has been able to put hard limits on how much discount can be applied, with managerial checks required to go beyond approved limits. Increased internal control prevents excessive discounting from reducing overall margins whilst still giving sales people enough leeway to negotiate.
Intelligent product catalogue

The CPQ engine provides a new approach to managing a
product catalogue. Products are no longer just data - each
product has logical rules and interdependencies: an intelligent catalogue. Obsolete products have expiry dates and cannot be quoted accidentally; related options do not conflict with each other; new product information is immediately available and used correctly. For SECTRA, the enhancement in functionality for managing their product range has streamlined the order process and improved sales performance.
It’s definitely a lot more efficient for us to be able to view what we’re quoting against specific opportunities. Previously we had to spend time digging through documents to find what we needed. Now it’s all in one place. It’s very well integrated.
Brian Maynard, Operations Manager
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